Welcome to Genius Table

Genius Table is a unique roundtable discussion and lunchtime event where Kyoto residents and visitors from around the world can meet and share their genius.

If you are a dynamic and globally active professional ― in science, education, the arts or business ― we want you to share your genius with us.

For you, it is an opportunity to enjoy lunch in a temple garden, brocade workshop or other unique-to-Kyoto location rarely seen by visitors, and to exchange ideas with a select group of Kyoto residents in a relaxed and congenial setting.

For the people of Kyoto, it is an opportunity to learn more about the world, and to share this city’s remarkable cultural and historical heritage with travelers from abroad.

So join us at a Genius Table. Not only will you discover a side of Kyoto that few have seen, you can help us discover how to make Kyoto a more exciting travel destination for generations to come.

Genius Table events are organized by the students of Kyoto.

Kyoto is famous as both a tourist destination and a center of learning. It is home to many world-class research facilities and educational institutions, and has a large population of highly motivated students and scholars. Organizing and operating Genius Table events is just one way of expressing our gratitude to the city and supporting its continued cultural and economic growth.

Genius Table Secretariat

Genius Table is operated in affiliation with the Kyoto municipal government and Kyoto University.