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Picnic by Kamo-river



Thomas Lykke

Creative Director

Thomas Lykke trained as a fashion designer in Copenhagen and San Francisco before turning to the design industry where he has worked for some of the world’s top brands for over 15 years. 
From 2000-2003, Thomas Lykke was an interior editor at Wallpaper* Magazine (UK) after being headhunted by Tyler Brûlé (now editor-in-chief at Monocle).
In 2003, He co-founded OeO with an ambition to help companies to maximize the possibility of their business through design. Today, He holds the position as the Creative Director and is also a regular keynote speaker on design issues. Thomas Lykke is also well known for his wide-reaching international network, a strong editorial eye and his creativity to push the boundaries to deliver unique impact.


In the mild autumn air, at 10am, by Kamo-river, the table was set. ‘Cheers!’ Thomas – our genius this time- and the participants raised the glasses to celebrate the balmy spring weather. With the famous sandwiches from ‘Bourangerier de Liberte’ and some other appetizers, Thomas and the participants started to enjoy their talk. Thomas is a designer who came to visit Kyoto to learn craftsmanship in Kyoto. He loves to visit workshops to see how crafts get shaped and created. He brought his portfolio of pictures of his work and showed the participants. ‘The more the work looks modern, the more it requires courage to scrape. That courage is one of the most important spirit of craftsmanship.’ With the passion and admiration toward craftsmanship shining in his eyes, Thomas gently told participants the essence of craftsmanship. The cheerful conversation between the artist and the local citizen was held in a peaceful mood from the beginning to the end.


No.1 Boulangerie de la Liberte

a bakery produce real French bread. Full of flavor of wheat, and devote a taste in some sandwiches. There are usually over 80 kinds of bread here.

Teramachi store:
65-2 Tokiwakimachi, Teramachi Nijyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
+81 75-253-0500

Karasuma store:
12 Haseya-building, 227 Benkecho, Nishiiribashi, Karasuma Takoyakushi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
+81 75-213-2727


Kanako Tsuji

Vocational school student

Thomas was nice and easy to talk. Even if I was not really good at English, I was able to communicate with and ask question to him using gestures. Also, it was such a great opportunity to take a look at his portfolio. I really liked it.

Yusuke Kondo

an employee in a design company

I had a lot in common with Thomas as we engaged in same business. People tend to stop enjoying their job after they get used to your job. But the passionate guy Thomas told me it was wrong. Don’t ever lose your passion and keep on creating. That’s what I realized today.

Sho Kaneda

University student

To be honest, it was hard for me to follow the English conversation. But since Thomas showed his works to me, it made it easy for me to understand what he did. I became proud of Kyoto because people like Thomas loved this city! I want to brush up my English and fly towards the world like Thomas someday.