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Meeting at "Koto"



Benjamin and Rebecca Kreuter


Mr. and Mrs. Kreuter. Live in New York, America. Husband, Benjamin's major is cryptgraphy. Currently working in a major IT company as a cryptographer. Wife, Rebecca studied IT under the influence of Benjamin. Also working for an IT company as a programmer.


"Tea Ceremony Koto", the house-like building near Kinkaku-ji temple was the venue for GENIUS TABLE today. After welcomed by the master wearing kimono, the Japanese traditional clothing, we got into the room of tatami. With lunch of chirashizusi prepared in front of us, GENIUS TABLE started there. Mr. and Mrs. Kreuter, our GENIUS today, are both working as a technologist for IT companies in the US. They told us that they were surprised by many things in Japan where they visited to refresh themselves from everyday's busy works. First thing is public safety. Compared to New York which public safety has been greatly improved these days, they said they still feel safer in Japan at night. They were also impressed by Japanese people's posture of cherishing their history. The most impressive topic was about shinkansen, the super express in Japan. They said they were surprised at quality and expensive ticket of shinkansen when they firstly used it. "It's not bad for tourist use, but isn't it too expensive for ordinary Japanese people? Say, we have shinkansen in New York. Americans would definitely not use it for their daily transportation," Benjamin Kreuter criticised incisively. Things Japanese people take for granted may be improved when they are compared with other countries. After the lunch, all participants enjoyed tea ceremony. It was the first time for the Kreuters and most Japanese participants to do tea ceremony, so everyone listened to the master's lecture carefully and had a relaxing time there.


Tea Ceremony Koto

Kinugasa, Kyoto. Provides tea ceremony experience for travelers in a reformed house near Kinkaku-ji temple. Flower arrangement and Japanese traditional textiles exhibited in entrance.

Founded as a caterer, Mancho provides traditional dishes from Kyoto at the reasonable price. Sells in the shape of lunch box both at the shop and on the Internet.