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IATSS FORUM Participants

"IATSS FORUM" is a training institution established in 1985 and aims to bring up talents who play key roles in the future of Asia.


June 16, 2016. That day, the greatest TABLE was held by GENIUS TABLE in KYOTO.
18:00. During the middle of the rainy season, we arrived at MTRL KYOTO( material Kyoto) while it was raining a bit outside. Mmm, after all it is simply a word of the fashion. Fashionable, creative space which made the TABLE even better.  In the preparations, the dinner, Halal food made from the Malni cafe, caught our attention conspicuously. As for the colorful bright dishes, the member raised a voice of the admiration.
18:30. Reception desk started. Japanese participants finished acceptance one by one and went into the meeting place. Then the IATSS FORUM trainees who were GENIUS arrived. Throughout the event, the meeting place was full of international atmosphere.
19:00. An event started.
At first I listened to the presentation of the trainees who had visited the house in the town before coming here. They paid attention to these designs: the grillwork and the garden in the lamp. It was a kind of fresh feeling. Those should be the things that have been seen in Japan commonly. This time was also a good chance to face different Japanese culture.
And then here comes our big event, GENIUS TABLE NIGHT, the spotlight in the great night.The participants enjoyed a discussion about “The way to face the traditional culture in modern Kyoto” during dinner. It was the theme that seemed to be difficult at a glance…. As a result, the night was full of happiness and passionate conversation. At the end of the event, I could feel the sad feelings of those participants who still wanted to share more stories. However, it's time to say goodbye.
Participants were moving to take a group photo while they were still talking with excitement. While shooting, there were several participants who crossed each other's shoulder. We could see that they had already become good friends. Time for the last picture. Participants took a photograph with a shout which is an idea from a trainee. “Three, two, one, Genius!” This is the moment that I feel like the event was given the sense of accomplishment.
GENIUS TABLE NIGHT was finished here. Participants talked and took pictures with each other after the event. It was the lively night till the last.


MTRL KYOTO(Material Kyoto)

MTRL KYOTO is a co-working facility for creators located in Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi. They offer with open space and services which all people who need creative work can use easily.
Malni cafe

They serve fresh and delicious dishes which are made of ingredients in season every day at "Tukuru building" in Kyoto.

Nishikazariyacho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8108, Japan