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Lunch time at a refined Kyo-machiya(a traditional Japanese house in Kyoto)



Craig Martin Gibbs

English teacher at university

He grew up and went to school [University of California, Santa Barbara] in California. He has been in Kyoto still 1993 and teaching at Kyodai since 1997. Began practising zazen at Daitokuji when he got here until about 5-7 years ago when his teacher got too ill to continue. Since then he has been concentrating on writing books on early Afro-American music and 16th century English language philosophy and rhetoric.


The place we held the TABLE was the head office of Campton where Japanese garden was beautiful with fresh green leaves of early summer.
We forgot harsh summer heat and relaxed around the TABLE.
The lunch we selected was a Japanese lunch box of vegitarian diet(JPN:精進料理) from “Vegetarian Cuisine Waka.”
We invited Mr. Craig Martin Gibbs here and he gave a talk about various kinds of topics. For example, his grandparents who lived in Japan in the late 1950s, the final decision he made for coming to Kyoto and also about "zazen" he practiced in the 1990s.



"Campton" is a company that provides accommodations.
The accommodations are Kyo-machiya (traditional Japanese houses in Kyoto). The head office of Campton is a residence that stands looking onto "Nene's Street" runs down into Kodaiji Temple. Its Japanese garden that changes in various ways depending on seasons is one of its charm.
Vegetarian Cuisine Waka

“Vegetarian Cuisine Waka” is in “Oteta (means a temple in Japanese) house.” Otera house“ is a gallery in the precinct of Daizenin. Daizenin is one of a temple of the Shinshu sect of Buddhism Bukkoji party. Soup base and oil don't use anything animal at all, so it's recommended to a vegetarian and a person of VIGAN, too.