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Having a peace of mind and forgetting daily life for a while at "Genhouin"



Stefan Gruber

Associate professor at the Hakubi Center for Advanced Research of Kyoto University

He is a member of the World Commission on Environmental Law and also active as a consultant and legal practitioner. His current research concentrates on the conservation of cultural heritage, art crime and the illicit trafficking of cultural property, sustainable development law and policy, international and comparative environmental law, regional security and cooperation, and human rights, with a regional focus on East and Southeast Asia and particularly China.


Genhouin is located in Okazaki. The building was noble's villa originally. Aug 7 at noon. TABLE was started with GENIUS and participants surrounding a table. Bento, Japanese lunch box was offered by “Another C.” The concept of the lunch was Japanese modern that fused good points of Kyoto and New York. The luxury lunch whose main dish was Japanese omelet made TABLE even better. Mr. Stefan Gruber is an associate professor at the Hakubi Center for Advanced Research of Kyoto University and familiar with laws. He offered topics that suit the interests of participants, for example, human rights, social problems in Southeast Asia and moral only in spite of the topic of laws.



Named after the old building of Heian Period, it's built in Taisho Period. It use to be the villa for aristocracy at that time. You can see the beautiful Kyoto-style garden when you take rest at hotel.

77 Okazakihosyoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
+81 75-752-1110
Another C

Another C is the hole-in-the-wall restaurant has no signboard and menu in Kyoto, Kiyamachisanjo. It sets dinner and space that fits each situations. The restaurant served dishes that fuses the good points of New York and Kyoto and whose concept is Japanese modern.