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Being overwhelmed by a difference of cultures



Gaby Jammal

Journalist, Film director and so on

Mr. Jammal has Palestinian father and Lebanese mother. He was born in Beirut and is still a stateless Palestinian refugee II. He went through a journalist, a film director, a member of political commentary and a human rights advocacy organization of the Palestinian people. He has lived in Kyoto since last year and sponsors "Arabic Cafe Kyoto" that introduce the Arab culture in Kyoto now.


There are some of famous tourist spots near “Campton". For example, Kodaiji Temple and Nene’s street. For sure, there are a lot of tourists.
However, while Campton is surrounded by the tourist spots like those, it creates original commanding atmosphere.
Lunch was also nice. This lunch was offered by “Hokusai.” The main store of it is located in Uzumasa, Kyoto.
Hokusai is proprietor of a famous actor and offers to people in shooting on the films. It was the lunch we could feel the culture of Kyoto.
Gaby Jammal is still stateless and a second generation of Palestinian refugees. His father is Palestinian and his mother is Lebanese. He is a journalist, a director of documentary film. Currently, he is in Kyoto to relax. He fought as a child soldier in civil war happened in Lebanon. He was often caught as a prisoner during the war but he turned this experience as a power to organize a group that share the message: "Wars should be never happened again".
He was being put in a dungeon and received torture during the war because of a suppression of free speech in Lebanon. However it is better to fight after going back to Middle East than to stay in Japan. His story was about the world we never imagined before and simply overwhelming.



"Campton" is a company that provides accommodations.
The accommodations are Kyo-machiya (traditional Japanese houses in Kyoto). The head office of Campton is a residence that stands looking onto "Nene's Street" runs down into Kodaiji Temple. Its Japanese garden that changes in various ways depending on seasons is one of its charm.

It offers Bento that you can easily enjoy like Kaiseki(a traditional Japanese multiple course meal). It also offers the most tastes only in old Japanese capital, Kyoto.