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Talking about Morals in Japan in Autamn Kinkakuji



Andrew Obermeier

Kyoto University of Education, Associate professor

"He is an Associate Professor of English Education at Kyoto University of Education. His students are mostly future English teachers at Elementary, Junior High, and High Schools. He is interested in helping students to develop academic English skills, especially, fluency. He is also interested in Japanese Ethics (道徳)。He thinks Japan's culture and people are very strong psychologically and spiritually because of many excellent cultural values, beliefs, and behaviours that have been passed down from generation to generation. One important way to learn English is through the study of deep and meaningful ideas for the human spirit. In the fall semester of 2016, in Kyoto University, a English class for TOEFL will be focussed on developing academic English skills while studying an important motivational, psychological, and spiritual text.


The front of Kinkakuji Temple was crowded because of those who came to see maple leaves. The table was held at Tea Ceremony Koto, a little bit far away from the road. The building is a reconstructed old house. Arranged flowers, a Nishijin-ori kimono and Kiyomizu-yaki chinaware was placed beautifully. The pretty lunch like Kyo-kaiseki dishes was made by Hokusai.

Mr. Obermeier was interested in the morals in Japan. We started the conversation with the theme of that. The TABLE came to be bustling with the talk about lost wallet, school rules, the modernization in Japan, the politics there, and others. At last, we were talking about English education. After the lunch, we enjoyed a tea ceremony experience with the explanation in English. Time flies, we felt like the TABLE was just opened minutes ago.


Tea Ceremony Koto

Located at Kinugasa in Kyoto, Tea Ceremony Koto provides traditional tea ceremeony experiences for travelers in a redecorated house near Kinkakuji-temple. Flower arrangement and Japanese traditional kimono, according to the master's tastes are exhibited in entrance.

It offers lunches that you can easily enjoy like Kaiseki(a traditional Japanese multiple course meal). It also offers the most tastes only in old Japanese capital, Kyoto.