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I'm here, my home



Peter Linehan

A writer

From Washington DC, America. He taught at Kansai Gaidai and Ritsumeikan 20 odd years ago, then public high schools in the US. Besides he is working on a website and adult coloring book to build up self-confidence and independence in learners. He had just moved back to Kyoto after being away for 15 years and in April he will teaching part-time at Osaka Jogakuin.He is working on writing and publishing his own books.The focus of my philosophy class was comparing the ideas of linguists of deconstruction like Derrida, Focault, and Wittgenstien with Zen Buddhism.He even sat in a meditation cell in the mountains and didn't speak for 14 days.


Built by the Kyoto born movie director, Hayashi Kaizo, Tantei bar is the place in which you can really enjoy “the charming world of detectives”. Just after the sparkling glass-made counter, close to a quite overflowing bookshelf, in front of a wall screen, stand in a line some red velvet chair and, of course, a table. Today’s event took place right here.
Welcome to the secret movie theater!
On a soft and comfortable armchair was sitting Mr Peter Linhan, today’s GENIUS. Born and raised in the USA, Peter is what we can easily call a man of experiences. He was an High school teacher, he worked also as an educator in refugees camps. He told us smiling, that he even had a two weeks long “silence” ascetic training in Tibet. Which by the way, he continued, interrupted half way….because it was boring.
With this wise, but humble and straightforward Genius we started to discuss, eating as always, a delicious bento.
For today we had a special “Roke”-Bento prepared by Uzumasa Okusai.
Usually Uzumasa’s “roke”- bentos are prepared following a defined recipe that was based on the tastes of the famous Japanese actors that were regular customer of Uzumasa. However, today’s version was especially made for our GENIUS TABLE event, to meet Peter taste.
After breaking the ice with a brief chat about the various birthplaces of the participants, we moved quickly to the today’s main discussion-the differences on the concept of “home” between Japan and the “West”. “Do you often invite your friend at home” , “what do you must do in order to perceive the place where you live as “home”.

Moreover, todays discussion went further to the mere matter of the “personality” and “family”, like “home” as a native country or home as “identity”.
Peter with his prospective given by the long experience in the refugee camps he worked in, most certainly challenged and enriched the participants' ideas of “home".
Peter for example asked opinions about the descendants of the South America Japanese immigrants, that in today’s Japan are not perceived as a Japanese.
We realized eventually how the idea of immigrant and refugee are concepts constantly shaped by everyone's thought, namely the public opinion.

For two hours, in a hidden room we and the Genius became at “home”.


BAR Tantei

BAR Tantei is a bar shop made by a movie director, Kaizo Hayashi, and you can enjoy not only alcohol but also the world of Tantei, which means a detective in Japanese, and movies there. The dramatic world like in a movie is waiting for you.

Founded as a caterer, and provides a traditional Kyoto dishes using ingredients chosen for each person and season. Locates near the famous movie studio Toei Kyoto Studio Park, even the quite famous actor have eaten their lunch...! Using their delivery service, you can take it everywhere in Kyoto City. Please look into your small square box, and find out your own KYOTO.