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"Music is my life"



Samuel Andre

Sound artist

Born in 1978, in Normandy, Samuel André is a self-taught French multimedia artist, presently residing in Kyoto. Trained in mathematics, cognitive sciences and the research of musical interfaces, in 2001, he developed a unique audio project – under the name ieva – composing scores for “imaginary journeys” influenced by acousmatic music. His main focus is field recording, and spatiality of sound.
In 2002, he won the 1st prize of the Aquitaine movie-music contest in the experimental movie category and in 2015 the prize of excellence for his collaborative work with Jacques Perconte at Sapporo*north2 AWARD ver.SIAF2014.
In 2011, he founded the micro music label Pollen (, dedicated to curation of art & experimental event in Kyoto.
In 2013, he started the collective musical ensemble Ensō Watt ( an eclectic and In multinational mix of musicians, conductor, video artists and a poet.
In 2016 , he founded the improvisation band Puma ( and intensifies his live planting performance with Re:planter.
In parallel to music, his installations have been shown in different exhibitions, Urs13 Playground
(Taipei), WSK (Manila) in 2011, Hanarart 2013, Gallery Week (Kyoto) & Nuit Blanche in 2014 (Kyoto), KG+ & Parasophia in 2015.


“Music is my life.”, Mr. Andre said. He is today’s GENIUS. Whenever he hears the music he creates, he remembers the situation at the time. The time when he records the sound is important for him. It’s because he may never be able to hear the sound. Even if he hears the sound he recorded, he sometimes forgets the situation at the time. So he reconstructs the music to remember the situation at the time. Its sound is different from original sound but it is the music he understood.
And he said, “Music and lunch box are alike.” How to understand music is also different in person respectively so that the order we eats a dish of a lunch box may be different in person respectively. Even if a sound is unpleasant, when combining with other sound, they’ll be nice music.
It was significant lunch time.



"Campton" is a company that provides accommodations.
The accommodations are Kyo-machiya (traditional Japanese houses in Kyoto). The head office of Campton is a residence that stands looking onto "Nene's Street" runs down into Kodaiji Temple. Its Japanese garden that changes in various ways depending on seasons is one of its charm.

They cook lots of vegetables made in Kyoto to make lunch boxes. They are proud of making lunch boxes with local ingredients.