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Talk eargerly with a film directer from Hollywood



Anthony Lucero

A film director

He wrote a script for and directed a film 'East Side Sushi', in that an Mexican imigrant single mother Juana overcomes the barrier of culture and tradition and aim to be a sushi cook and got 13 prizes in and out of US. This film got 94% score in Rotten Tomatoes, a criticism website in US and won '2015 top 10 films'. From Oakland, CA. He watches various occupation's people and enjoys to make films about different cultures using the inspirations, that he gets from that. He graduated the School of Cinema of San Francisco State University, experienced commercial editer and other before he managed special effects in number of blockbusters such as Star Wars Episode 1 and 2, Piorates of Caribian and Harry Potter in Lucas Film Industrial Light & Magic. He was selected as Disney|ABC directing Program in 2017-2018 season.


In Kyoto in early summer, it is a nice day. It is full of fresh green and fresh air. Today’s table is held in Campton1 Ushitora, a Kyoto-style old house renovated as an inn, which has beautiful court. Campton, the manager firm, aims to succeed traditional buildings in the old capital Kyoto. The house has been renovated for guests to stay comfortably, but it still has the unique beauty. You can’t help admiring the manager’s spirit.
Today’s genius is Mr. Anthony Lucero, a film director. He wrote the story for and directed a film ‘East Side Sushi’. What’s ‘East Side Sushi’? In the film, Joana, a single mother in CA, makes efforts to be a sushi cook. I want you to see it as well. Mr. Lucero came to Japan for the screening party. I’m looking forward that he talks about what only a film director can.
The lunch arrived. ‘Kyoto style food Sakayasu’, Nishihonganji Temple’s warrant, served the lunch. A sashimi, a grilled fish, boiled vegetables, a soup… the all dishes are first class as you see and taste. Now, the table starts.
At first, he said ‘Have you seen “East Side Sushi”?’ He looked sorry at the answer ‘We haven’t’. ‘Make sure to see!’, he said. ‘How do you make a film?’ ‘How is immigrant community in US?’ ‘What kind of film do you want to make in Kyoto?’ There are many topics, and the talk gets more and more lively. Everyone looks fan! Time flied fast. The last topic is about the outstanding work in Hollywood, that he directed the special art. The genius explains eagerly, and the participants are absorbed to the movie material.
The table ended. The participants looks satisfied to the table and sorry that it ends. We, the staffs, are glad that the participants feel so. We look forward to serving you again.



"Campton renovates traditional kyo-machiya and provites it as accommodations.
At this time, Campton remodeled kyomachiya built 130 years ago
and has opened accommodations called Campton10 Nishijin -Arima-.
It is nostalgic and new space that uses traditional furniture and advanced equipment with respect.
Kyoto style food Sakayasu

"Mr Okamoto, is the fifth generation owner of “sakayasu”. An enthusiastic “sado” (Japanese traditional tea ceremony) practitioner, he always greet his customer with the elegant atmosphere of the “wabi sabi”, namely the aesthetic sense in Japanese art of emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement.
Mr Okamoto refuses the idea of a fixd menu. As in today bento, he always offer his delicacies compromising to his customer desires and the best seasonal ingredients.