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TAlk about Kyoto's tourism from a foregn person's view



Greg Koch

'Hands On Kyoto' CEO

He graduated from Alberta Univ. CEO of 'Hands On Kyoto. In the firm, he plans tours in Kyoto for foreign visiters. He believes that you can understand Kyoto deeply by experiencing practically especially cultural experience. In his nice tour, you can interact with local Kyoto.


In Kyoto in June, greens and flowers are beautiful. It got rainy season. It was cloudy and cool on the day.

The genius was Mr. Greg Koch, the CEO of 'Hands On Kyoto', that serves the tour in Kyoto for foreign visitors. He introduces how Kyoto is wonderful from the point of view of foreign people. The place was Senryo-ga-tsuji, the region which has many old Kyoto-style houses. There was a summer atmosphere in Kyosome-juku. There was no meat in the lunch served by Shimogamo-saryo by Mr. Koch's request.

Mr. Koch had no connection with Asia for the first time. He came to Japan to teach foreign languages by its government's program. Then, he got to like Japan very much. Mr. Koch thinks that Japanese society is like domino. Even if it is difficult to knock the first block, when they begin to fall, you will find it comfortable to live in Japan and will come to like it. Mr. Koch worked for a luxury hotel once. He came to think that he, a foreign person, can introduce more interesting things of Japanese culture. He started his own business 'Hands On Kyoto', with a small anxiety.

Mr. Koch thinks it great that many tourists visit Japan these years. However, he thinks that the management of them does not work well, main tourist sights are full of them and the tourists are getting disappointed. We could talk about Kyoto's problem as a tourist city.



Shinichiro Minami works and lives in a nearly 150-year-old Kyo-Machiya studio. After studying under the guidance of hand-painted Tokyo-Yūzen artist, Shusui Tanaka, Minami later created his own business. Minami now holds workshops, known as the Kyoto Dyeing School, where he hands down the traditional techniques of authentic hand-coloured Kyo-Yūzen, dating back from the Genroku era.

Established in 1856. It serves traditional yet innovative Kyoto style dishes, which are prepared with the inspiration drawn from the changes of the four seasons. It aimes to share the beauty and original culture in Kyoto to guests from all over the world.