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Banquet at photo gallery LEICA



Adam Marelli

Artist and Photographer

Adam Marelli (b. 1980) | based in New York City (USA) | graduated from New York University (sculpture & photography) | Apprenticeships with a master builder (10 years)and zen monks (7 years) before opening his studio | Exhibits sculpture and photography internationally (represented by Invisible-Exports) | Resident photographer at Leica Akademie (NYC) | Runs international photography workshops where he teaches the lost lessons of classical design | Works and writings featured in NY Times, GQ, Forbes, The Gothamist, Leica Blog, Phaidon Press, Origin Magazine.


There is a small photo gallery in Kyoto’s traditional area Gion. Leica– this tiny historical town house reformed as a photo gallery was where the Genius Table took place for this time. The table was set at 19:00 after the gallery finished the business of the day. Surrounded by beautiful pictures, Adam and participants started to enjoy their conversation and the taste of good red wine. Adam came to Kyoto to take pictures of traditional craftsmen. For the purpose of investigating the concept of his own photo works, he decided to visit craftsmen in Kyoto to feel their faith and their techniques at first hand. ‘The paradox of trying to keep the balance of past and future is a visible energy burning deeply in the hearts of craftsmen in Japan.’ Not only cutting off the scenery, but also trying to capture the mind of people in the scenery at the same time- this was Adam’s passion and professionalism. Feeling the passion burning quietly in the heart of this earnest photographer, participants got to like him more. The lively talk session was not easy to end – it changed place to a bar nearby the gallery and kept on going afterwards.



The Leica Kyoto Store is a Leica flagship store that operates in Gion, a district that is awash in tradition and status. A 100-year-old, two-story traditional townhouse reconstructed using artisanal techniques, and with beams, pillars and other lumber that could be reclaimed from the original construction, has been married to the Leica worldview, creating a unique Leica store unlike any before it.

Gionmachi minamigawa Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
+81 75-532-0320


Naoki Egami


I was moved by his dedication toward his job. Since I am working in university, I rarely have opportunities to get connected to a photographer or an artist. But I found artists and scholars like me share the point of ‘pursuing something’ in common, which was interesting to find out.

Ayaka Minegishi

an office worker

I knew Leica from before. But it was such a nice experience to go inside with the opportunity Genius Table provided. Even though my hobby was taking pictures, I never imagined that I would get to meet a professional photographer in my life. Adam was really nice, he even said my photos were great! Thank you Genius Table, it became such a great memory.