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“Genhou-Inn” in Spring light of day



Anne Marie Buemann


Anne-Marie Buemann holds a degree in international marketing management and has worked as a consultant within a number of creative industries in addition to holding a position at the Danish Embassy in Paris before joining OeO in 2003.
With 19 years of professional experience in the fields of branding, design and concept development, Anne-Marie Buemann leads daily operations at OeO as well as being responsible for driving a broad range of projects in close collaboration with Creative Director Thomas Lykke.


 Walking a bit to east from Heian shrine, you can find an old traditional Japanese-style inn ‘Genhou-Inn’. The building itself was built more than 100years ago, but you would not find it old, rather, you would feel the sense of co-existence of the modernity and the history in this old house. We invited a Danish lady Anne Marie who is a CEO of design company as our genius today. The lunch for today was a lunch box ordered from one of the most famous Japanese restaurants ‘Hishi-Iwa’. ‘The inspiration I got in Kyoto have a strong influence on my creations.’ Anne- Marie gently started the conversation. Yes it is true. For Japanese people, it might not be special to see azaleas in full bloom in the Japanese garden. But for foreigners, it is such a special experience and they will get that special feeling as we Japanese get when we step into the Western palace. Experiencing the local yet special atmosphere is always a prestigious experience- the participants got to realize it once again. Anne Marie and the participants enjoyed sharing the special moments together.


No.5 Genhou-inn

Named after the old building of Heian Period, it's built in Taisho Period. It use to be the villa for aristocracy at that time. You can see the beautiful Kyoto-style garden when you take rest at hotel.

77 Okazakihosyoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
+81 75-752-1110
No.6 京趣味 菱岩 No.6 Kyo-syumi Hishiiwa

founded in 1829. We do catering profession, and set up a shop in Gion, Kyoto. You can taste the charm of Kyoto and the four seasons of Kyoto in your traditional lunch. The wonderful taste is not only trapped in tongue, but eyes wow as well.

213 Nishinomachi, Shinmonzen-dori Yamato-oji-higashi-iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
+81 75-561-0413


Tomoe Oh

University student

Anne Marie looked really happy about the place genius table took place this time since she seemed to have been very interested in Japanese culture.

Yumiko Yamamoto

University student

A beautiful venue you would never get to step in, a pretty Japanese garden which was well tided up, a lunch box filled with delicious cuisine of Kyoto – Everything was simply awesome! It became one of the most memorable experiences that I get to talk with a foreign designer about the impression of japan in such a great place.

Takenobu Yoshio

University student

I enjoyed talking with Anne Marie. She told me that Kyoto was a special place to her since it delivered some new inspiration to her every time when she visited there. With the good lunch, the lively atmosphere, the beautiful place, and the joyful conversation with her, I think me myself also got some new inspiration...!